Our candy

Welcome to Chocolate Barr's Candies, the home of Stratford's first and only chocolate-maker. Whether it is the custom ‘bean-to-bar’ chocolate bars (we import cocao beans from around the world, then roast, crack, husk, refine and conch the chocolate into our own unique chocolate bars) or the over 160 varieties of different chocolates and confections, our hope is that you will find something that will tempt and satisfy your sweet tooth. Our purpose in life is to make the best products using the freshest ingredients of the highest quality.

Some of the amazing products you can choose from :

Minties. Using a recipe that predates co-owner & candy-creator-in-chief, Derek, this brings new meaning to the term ‘Old School’. Dipped in either our milk or dark chocolate and with a subtle mint flavour, these chocolates are so smooth, they might take you out at the knees.

Our Pecan Patties, which also come dipped in milk or dark chocolate, are a revival of a classic chocolate. Where many places don't make the effort, we dry roast and salt our pecans before depositing a generous helping of our special vanilla caramel and then dip them in chocolate.

Nutty Pop, ‘the caramel corn with the college education’. If you want decadence, this is it. House-popped popcorn, a crunchy rich caramel sauce, almonds and pecans that are roasted in the batch, makes the perfect snack. On a side note, this is one of the staff's favourites and the yield is never as high as it should be due to all the snacking.

While our Peanut Brittle is delicious, try upping your game a little by going with our Almond Butter Crunch. Crunchy bits of our butter toffee, with almonds, covered in milk or dark chocolate with more almonds thrown on top. Because you can never have enough almonds.

Our take on the classic Vanilla Caramel would be the Sea Salt Vanilla Caramel (both a mouthful saying it and eating it). This is our chewy vanilla caramel, dipped in either milk or dark chocolate, topped with a sprinkle of sea salt. Of course, if salt and sweet are not your thing, we still have our Vanilla Caramel (as well as Chocolate and Coconut Caramel choices).

After many years of trials and tribulations, the candy staff finally developed the Fruit Jellies of their dreams. Our Fruit Jellies are actually made with fresh pressed juice (thank you Farm Juice Co) and fresh fruit puréed on-site, instead of artificial flavours. I mean, who would have thought it – using real fruit in something called Fruit Jellies!

And while we have large variety of chocolates and candies, we always enjoy hearing about new ideas from our customers. Can't promise that we can make them, but if we like it, there is a chance that you will see it in the store.