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Delivery Info

Delivery Information

Chocolate Barr’s Candies has two different types of delivery options depending on shipping destinations.

  1. Within Stratford City Limits
  2. The rest of  Canada

Shipping in warm weather (May - September) *

Please note: We can ship within Ontario next day delivery during the warm summer months (May to September) by putting your order in an insulated container with a gel freezer pack (both reusable). This will add $10 to the current shipping charges. In the fall, when the temperature drops below 20 °C/ 68 °F we will remove this additional fee. We cannot ship to further locations at this time without additional fees for next day deliveries.
Delivery fees are based on shipping destination and package weights.


Within Stratford City Limits

We have our own delivery vehicle for orders within Stratford city limits. Orders are delivered on the next business day and unlike the competition, we don’t charge for the delivery. We can deliver within Stratford City limits year-round regardless of temperature.

Canada Orders

Canada orders are shipped using FedEx on Mondays (unless holiday) and Wednesdays. Canadian orders can take up from three days to a week for delivery from the shipping day.  Please note that orders can be delayed due to hot weather. 

Easter and Christmas Seasonal Delivery

During the Easter and Christmas seasons order delivery outside of Stratford city limits may take up to seven business days. It is important that you allow that much time in advance for gift ordering.